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Smart-Keen Foundry is a leading casting foundry specializing in steel foundry castings,cast iron foundry casting,ductile iron foundry casting,In the meantime,we are also a ferrous Foundry and non-ferrous foundry onf manufacturer and supplier.
Smart-Keen provides products made in both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys: cast steel castings,cast iron castings,ductile iron/nodular iron castings,alloy iron,carbon steel castings,manganese steel castings,alloy steel castings,stainless steel castings,heat-resistant steel,corrosion resist castings,wear/abrasive resist steel casting,and also including casting non-ferrous metals: brass/bronze/copper alloy castings,aluminium alloy castings,die cast magnesium and zinc,etc.Our production methods include investment casting, lost foam casting, die casting,closed & open die forging, and permanent mold casting.

Thanks for its more than 30 years of experiences in producing various grades of Cast Steel,Gery Iron,Aluminium,Ductile Iron with annual production capacity of 20,000tons.
We feature in jobbing work, applying resin no-bake and green sand machining molding practice to suit the diversified demands of the customers.

The Pattern Shop:
We know very well, that accurate and uniform casting requires first of all an excellent and suitable pattern facility, with the appropriate pattern making know-how.
Therefore we set highest values in making patterns with accurate dimensions, and tolerances. Depending on lifetime and purpose, the patterns are made accordingly of suitable materials and precise designs.
¥ Wood,aluminum,epoxy, plastics, and Styrofoam.
¥ Complete flexibility to use existing pattern equipment and coreboxes.
¥ Custom designed gating systems.
¥ Complete layout and maintenance
The moulding process is rather diversified, and depends on the design, complexity, weight and accuracy of the casting.Therefore we have 2 semi-automatic molding machines, and 2 core machines enabling to meet broad range of requirements, in quality as well as in quantity.
Principally the technique of making mouldings consists of special sorts of sand that are bonded with clay or resin.
Casting Range:
Gray Iron C 0.5 to 18,000 kgs
Ductile Iron C 0.5 to 18,000 kgs
Cast SteelC up to tonnes(40,000 kgs)
Aluminium - up to 500 kgs
, Brass - up to 1000 kgs
, Znic-   
Thanks to our continuous investment program, we are able cast parts up to max. 15000 Kg net cast weights, with our dual track medium frequency induction furnaces, each with 2 tons of melting capacity.
An additional 500 Kg standby furnace allows us to support the casting operation, and permits the production of rather short capacity orders, as well. The electronic weighing system of the furnaces, with links to our computerized spectrometer, enables very precise charge calculations, and achieves the desired alloy compositions, with fine calculated adjustments before casting. An exact temperature of the melted alloy is measured by means of a dip-pyrometer.
Heat treatment:
Two well type electrical powered heat treatment furnaces, facilitate raw casts as well as machined cast parts for structural post curing through heat treatments with up to 1200 Temperature.

With additional curing facilities like an oil and a water basins with circulation and air blow techniques, processes like quenching for hardening, normalization, annealing, tempering, etc. can be carried out.

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