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Smart-Keen supply various valves parts,pump parts,pipe fittings,such as hydromatic pump housing,ductile iron valves series parts,stainless shafe series,water pump housing,gate valve body,check valves,valves conneting parts,bonnet,flange,wedge, in cast steel,stainless steel,ductile Iron,cast iron/gery iron.Actually our valves parts,pump parts and pipe fitting have been one of best seller in European,USA,middle east and more oversea markets.We have a good strength to manufacture various cast iron,ductile iron,cast steel,stainless steel and other alloy steel valves parts,pump parts and pipe fittings as per oversea customers' requirement,drawings,and samples.And we also have ever produce different valves and pump parts and components especially in ductile iron/nodular iron by resin sand wax investment such as:pump housing,hydromatic pump housing,water pump hosing and vavles components.

European Ball Valves
Flanges Sides Valves
Iron Casting Ductile Iron
Casting,Sand Cast,Wax Investment Cast.

Ductile Iron
Gate Valves
Body Expoted to U.S.A

Casting & Machining of Cast Iron Valves Bonnets,Hand Wheel,
Butterfly Valves Body

Hydromatic pump housing
Casting Iron Ductile Iron
Exported to U.S.A
Casting and Machining of Cast Iron & Ductile Iron Flange Valve Nodular Cast Iron
Water Pump
Housing Pump Parts

Water pump Housing
Wax Investment Casting

Pump components Cast Iron
Sand Casting of Cast Iron Flange Valves Body Wedge
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