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high level of customer service extensive knowledge and skill in the casting industry complete capability from design to final product quality materials, innovative engineering precision machining broad selection of alloys steel and stainless steel castings prototypes, one-offs, and production run parts integrating ISO 9002 quality through all processes quick turnaround and on-time delivery Our laboratory works in frame of the quality insurance of the ISO9002, and fulfils the standard checks as below:
Control of raw material
Chemical metallography researches
Mechanical researches
Crack control
Measure control
First Quality Trial
Inspection report and ISO9002 quality certificates
Through the needs of our clients quality certificates can be provided from foreign authorities.
Completely pure and purity degree low cast steel.
Chemical analysis:
At every charge, on regular basis, samples from the melted metal are checked by the use of the spectrometer to their alloy specification, whereas within seconds of time the spectrometer determines up to 24 components in the alloy, and reports elements for correction which are off their requested limits. Microscopic Analysis:
A microscope, with sufficient 1500 X magnification capability, takes the work for structural observation of the material and takes photographs if desired.
Nondestructive test:
With the aid of an ultrasonic-test apparatus, cast parts can be checked for invisible hollow or crack zones in the structure, reaching a penetration value of 1000 mm.Also we have dye penetrant and magnetic particles test abilities.
Mechanical test:
Various mechanical test are made on metals by related devices for their hardness, tensile strengths, and bending values. A 20-ton strainer performs the mentioned tensile tests.
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